19 Recipes For Surprisingly Low-calorie Chicken

Chicken is a staple ingredient in many households for its versatility, affordability, and health benefits. Whether you’re looking to maintain a healthy weight or simply want to make more mindful food choices, incorporating low-calorie chicken recipes into your meal rotation is a smart choice. Fortunately, countless delicious and satisfying chicken dishes are surprisingly low in calories. In this article, we’ll explore 19 mouthwatering chicken recipes that will help you stay on track with your health and wellness goals without sacrificing flavor.

1. Grilled Chicken with Lemon and Herbs

Grilled chicken is a classic low-calorie option that never fails to satisfy. Marinate chicken breasts in a mixture of lemon juice, garlic, and fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme, then grill until juicy and charred. Serve with steamed vegetables for a nutritious and satisfying meal.

2. Baked Chicken Parmesan

This healthier twist on a classic Italian favorite is made by coating chicken breasts in whole wheat breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese, then baking until golden and crispy. Top with marinara sauce and a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese for a deliciously low-calorie meal.

3. Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry

Stir fries are a great way to pack in plenty of veggies while keeping calories in check. Sauté chicken breast strips with colorful vegetables like bell peppers, broccoli, and snap peas in a light soy sauce and garlic sauce. Serve over brown rice or cauliflower rice for a complete meal.

4. Lemon Garlic Chicken Pasta

Swap out heavy cream for a light and tangy lemon garlic sauce in this pasta dish. Toss cooked whole wheat pasta with grilled chicken breast strips, sautéed spinach, cherry tomatoes, and a flavorful lemon garlic sauce made with olive oil, garlic, and lemon zest.

5. Chicken and Black Bean Tacos

These chicken and black bean tacos are a flavorful and low-calorie option for taco night. Season grilled chicken breast strips with Mexican spices like chili powder, cumin, and paprika, then serve in whole grain tortillas with black beans, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, and salsa.

19 Recipes For Surprisingly Low-calorie Chicken

6. Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad

Greek yogurt adds creaminess to this lightened-up chicken salad. Mix shredded chicken breast with Greek yogurt, diced celery, grapes, and almonds for a protein-packed and satisfying meal. Serve on whole wheat bread or lettuce wraps for a low-calorie lunch option.

7. Chicken and Vegetable Kebabs

Load skewers with chunks of grilled chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms for a colorful and nutritious meal. Brush with a simple marinade made with olive oil, garlic, and herbs, then grill until the chicken is cooked through and the vegetables are tender.

8. Chicken and Spinach Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms make the perfect low-calorie vessel for stuffing with a flavorful mixture of chicken, spinach, garlic, and Parmesan cheese. Bake until the mushrooms are tender and the filling is golden brown for a satisfying and healthy meal.

9. Chicken and Broccoli Quinoa Bowl

Quinoa is a nutrient-rich whole grain that pairs perfectly with lean protein like chicken breast. Top cooked quinoa with grilled chicken breast strips, steamed broccoli, diced avocado, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice for a simple and satisfying meal.

10. Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Skip the carbs and opt for lettuce wraps instead. Fill crisp lettuce leaves with seasoned ground chicken, water chestnuts, green onions, and a drizzle of hoisin sauce for a light and flavorful meal that’s perfect for lunch or dinner.

19 Recipes For Surprisingly Low-calorie Chicken

11. Lemon Rosemary Grilled Chicken

Infuse chicken breasts with the flavors of lemon and rosemary for a simple yet delicious low-calorie meal. Marinate chicken breasts in a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and fresh rosemary, then grill until cooked through. Serve with a side of steamed vegetables for a complete meal.

12. Chicken and Vegetable Curry

Curry doesn’t have to be heavy and calorie-laden. Make a lighter version by simmering chicken breast strips with plenty of vegetables like bell peppers, onions, and carrots in a flavorful curry sauce made with coconut milk, ginger, garlic, and curry powder. Serve over cooked brown rice for a satisfying meal.

13. Chicken and Corn Salad

Combine shredded chicken breast with fresh corn kernels, diced bell peppers, black beans, and cilantro for a refreshing and low-calorie salad. Toss with a simple dressing made with lime juice, olive oil, and cumin for a burst of flavor in every bite.

14. Chicken and Asparagus Stir-Fry

Asparagus is a low-calorie vegetable that pairs beautifully with chicken in this stir-fry recipe. Sauté chicken breast strips with asparagus spears, sliced bell peppers, and garlic in a light soy sauce and ginger sauce. Serve over brown rice or quinoa for a filling meal.

15. Chicken and White Bean Chili

Warm up on a cold day with a bowl of hearty chicken and white bean chili. Loaded with lean chicken breast, white beans, diced tomatoes, green chilies, and spices, it’s a flavorful and nutritious meal that’s perfect for cozying up with.

16. Chicken and Avocado Salad

Combine diced chicken breast with creamy avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and red onion for a light and refreshing salad. Toss with a simple vinaigrette made with olive oil, lemon juice, and Dijon mustard for a burst of flavor.

17. Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Warm up with a bowl of homemade chicken and vegetable soup. Simmer chicken breast with plenty of vegetables like carrots, celery, and kale in a flavorful broth made with chicken stock and herbs. Serve with whole-grain bread for a satisfying meal.

19 Recipes For Surprisingly Low-calorie Chicken

18. Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

This lightened-up version of a classic casserole is made with shredded chicken breast, steamed broccoli, and a creamy sauce made with Greek yogurt, Dijon mustard, and Parmesan cheese. Top with whole wheat breadcrumbs and bake until bubbly and golden brown.

19. Chicken and Cauliflower Fried Rice

Swap out high-calorie rice for cauliflower rice in this healthier version of fried rice. Sauté diced chicken breast with cauliflower rice, scrambled eggs, peas, carrots, and green onions in a light soy sauce and sesame oil sauce for a flavorful and satisfying meal.

In conclusion, eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor or satisfaction, especially when it comes to chicken. These 19 low-calorie chicken recipes prove that you can enjoy delicious and nutritious meals without breaking the calorie bank. From grilled chicken to stir-fries, salads to soups, there are plenty of options to choose from to keep your meals exciting and your taste buds happy. So, roll up your sleeves, head to the kitchen, and start cooking up some tasty and healthy chicken dishes today!

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