Americas Best Restaurants For Biscuits And Gravy

One of those breakfast items that is always a pleasure to see on a restaurant menu is biscuits and gravy. A classic combo, biscuits drenched in rich sausage gravy work well at both the neighborhood diner and the fancy restaurant.

You can never go wrong eating this substantial meal, particularly to replenish oneself after a night out with too many cocktails.

While biscuits and gravy are always a winner, no two dishes are alike. It takes skill to make biscuits perfectly flaky and buttery. Chefs sometimes struggle to create a rich gravy that is just the correct consistency to cover the biscuits.

Fortunately, the United States is home to several very unique and road trip-worthy versions of biscuits and gravy.

We looked for the top biscuits and gravy provided in American eateries. We just sought out restaurant meals that people who have eaten there have gushed about, without regard to location or kind of establishment. With any luck, we’ve helped you to focus your choices for a brunch stop on your next cross-country drive.

Biscuit Head – North Carolina, Asheville

Starting with Asheville, South Carolina’s pride and joy, Biscuit Head, makes sense because the Southern United States is renowned for its biscuits and gravy. The eatery offers melt-in-your-mouth biscuits and a plethora of gravy selections at its several locations across the state.

Classics like pork sausage and fried chicken gravy are only the beginning at Biscuit Head. There are vegetarian sausage gravy and sweet potato coconut gravy on the menu as well. The espresso red eye gravy is another must-try; it goes well with almost everything on the menu.

There are undoubtedly several methods to enjoy Biscuit Head’s handmade biscuits and gravy. Though you can choose to add gravy to a biscuit breakfast sandwich, you can also stick with a complete meal.

Basically, the best strategy for a first visit to Biscuit Head is to go large and leave, and most definitely get that additional side of gravy.

Firefly : New Hampshire, Manchester

Though it may not seem like the place to go for comfort cuisine in Manchester, New Hampshire, Firefly is an American fancy restaurant up in New England. But people there understand not to judge a book by its appearance.

Unbeatable brunch fare at Firefly includes omelets, Benedicts, and Bloody Marys that may be customized. One brunch table mainstay that you really must have is the biscuits and gravy.

For smothering biscuits with two eggs and breakfast potatoes, Firefly prepares its own sausage gravy. A fried chicken upgrade sandwiched between those fluffy biscuits and rich gravy elevates the dish even more.

Make a brunch reservation in advance for Firefly the next time you’re in the neighborhood just for the dish alone, and be prepared to arrive hungry since the menu will undoubtedly entice you to order more than one.

Biscuit B* – Seattle, Washington

It’s worth using obscenities over the excellent Biscuit B* in Seattle, Washington. Two outlets of the breakfast restaurant in the city serve a menu tailored to lovers of gravy and biscuits.

This menu item offers several ways to savor the filling breakfast combo. There are traditional dishes like fried eggs and biscuits and gravy. Then Biscuit B**** grabs that foundation and simply starts adding.

Your biscuit and gravy dish can have cheese, bacon, Louisana hot links, and other toppings. You’ll be tempted to dip biscuit sandwiches, sides, and most likely simply a spoon into the flavor bomb at this place, so you’re practically forced to get an extra side of gravy there.

I’m from Alabama. My highest commendation is that the sausage gravy and biscuits rival those of the South. Place is great,” one TripAdvisor customer said on Biscuit B****.

Silver Skillet – Atlanta, Georgia

An institution of Atlanta, Georgia is The Silver Skillet. Having opened in the city in the 1950s, the restaurant has been a regular haunt of famous patrons and has been seen in several TV series and motion pictures.

Southern breakfast plates abound on the menu, including their well acclaimed biscuits and gravy. Just looking at the costs will make you stomp. For $3 or two for $5.50, Silver Skillet offers one biscuit drenched in gravy.

For its many meals, the Silver Skillet culinary crew often prepares country and red-eye gravy. Maintaining supply of the cookies ordered at almost every table on a given morning is essential. “The gravy and biscuits are the bomb. “Not a crumb remained on anyone’s plate,” one Trip Advisor customer commented in a rating.

Provisons – Utah, Salt Lake City

Another American artisan restaurant, this one in Salt Lake City, Utah, Provisions serves up some very good biscuits and gravy that you may not think. But its devoted brunch goers know better.

The biscuits and gravy dish at Provisions, a restaurant that takes pleasure in utilizing sustainable and regional foods, perfectly captures that philosophy. The platter begins with generously doused buttermilk biscuits and country sausage gravy.

To add color to this dish that everyone at your table will want to sample, they top it with sunny-side up eggs and a little foliage. That’s OK; it simply provides your party a justification to order the powdered sugar beignets to share as an appetiser. Several customers return to Provisions for their brunch, which is highly praised on Open Table, especially the biscuits and gravy dish.