Olivia Dunne indulges TikTok with what fans get to see floor level during one of her LSU gymnastics routines

Olivia Dunne has made it a habit to surprise fans on social media with her body-bending gymnastics routines for the LSU Tigers. However, her most recent TikTok video provided viewers with a different perspective that is often reserved for a select few.

With a high-quality, floor-level shot of one of her floor routines for LSU, Livvy was able to capture what she referred to as the “best feeling” that she had during matches.

Thanks to this one-of-a-kind perspective, her fans are able to experience the same sensation as if they were there with her.

A break for springtime in Baton Rouge

For spring break, the social media celebrity made the decision to remain in Baton Rouge and bask in the sun. This decision was made with only a few months remaining till graduation.

As she basked in the sun in her garden and displayed her toned body in a brown bikini, the young woman, who is 21 years old, published a photo on Instagram in which she did not make any attempt to conceal her appearance.

The message she put was “Defrosting,” and it included an ice emoji. She then added, “Spring break in BR.

“There is a lack of clarity regarding her goals following the conclusion of her senior year at Louisiana State; yet, she has established a foundation for future success.

This foundation includes a partnership with Paul Skenes, the first overall choice in the Major League Baseball Draft, as well as a portfolio of non-fiction works worth $3.3 million, work with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, and over 10 million followers on social media.