The 10 Best Kirkland Products at Costco

Legendary for their great quality, low cost, and great variety are Costco Kirkland Signature items.

Actually, many Costco Kirkland items are actually well-known names in disguise even if they are regarded as a generic brand. For instance, Starbucks sources its House Blend coffee while Duracell makes Kirkland batteries.

Although Kirkland Signature items are not hard to obtain, it might be challenging to identify the best savings prospects. These 10 Kirkland goods, which I never regret buying, can help you choose which one to test next.

1. Paper towels

Online price: $22.99

Cheap, thick, strong Kirkland Premium Towels from Costco I pat-dry fish and poultry using them as well as for minor spills and mishaps like cleaning up our cats’ hairballs.

Though they may get the job done reasonably, they are not as robust as certain brands like Bounty. Kirkland paper towels cost around $1.20 for 100 sheets, less than Kroger Paper Towels ($1.30 for 100 sheets) and Amazon’s Presto! Brand ($1.77 for 100 sheets).

2. Kitchen trash bags

Online price: $19.99

Nobody enjoys having to throw out trash only to discover they lack a replacement garbage bag. Fortunately, Costco’s Kirkland Kitchen Trash Bags come in 200 bags, which will help you reduce the trips to the grocery shop to get this necessary good.

Besides, the cost is a deal. Paying $19.99 for 200, you are about spending $0.10 a bag. Purchasing the same 13 gallons of garbage bags from Walmart would price between $0.17 and $0.20 a pop plus you would receive less bags each box.

3. Gasoline

Price varies by location

Kirkland Gasoline hardly faces any competition. Nine out of ten times you will discover Costco (Sam’s Club drives a hard bargain, too) the lowest gas prices (at the highest quality).

In addition, Costco sells TOP TIERTM gasoline, which AAA studies claim to be cleaner and more efficient than brands falling below that high category.

4. Shelled pistachios

Online price: $16.99

For many years, this was among my favorite Kirkland goods. A 1.5-pound package of these green treats costs $16.99, or around $11.33 per pound. Walmart charges around $13.31 per pound for pistachios; Kroger charges $12 per pound; Amazon also charges $12 per pound.

5. Adult multivitamin gummies

Online price: $16.99

Sold in two-packs, the Kirkland Signature Adult Multivitamin comes in 160 candies each bottle. At $0.05 per gummy, the pricing is reasonable; this is the same as Amazon but somewhat more costly than Walmart ($0.046).

That said, given Costco’s brand usually reflects better prices, pay great attention to the vitamin dose in every vitamin packet.

For instance, Walmart’s brand contains 390 mcg, 60 mg, and 10 mcg of the same vitamins whereas the Kirkland Signature gummies offer 750 mcg of Vitamin A, 30 mg of Vitamin C, and 20 mcg of Vitamin D.

6. Almond butter

Online price: $7.99

Not even could I start on the Kirkland Creamy Almond Butter. I toast with this, make smoothies, top with celery and carrots, and just as a snack off the spoon. The quality is superb.

It’s creamy, but it doesn’t leave you feeling as exhausted as other very sugared peanut butters cause. Add this to some Kirkland Strawberry spread to get a decent AB&J.

7. Bacon crumbles

Online price: $10.99

Without noting Kirkland Signature bacon, no “best-of” list would be whole. Although most devoted Costco consumers are aware of the company’s bacon strips—which Consumer Reports rated as the best-tasting bacon—its Bacon Crumbs also merits an honorary mention.

Apart from their flavor, the cost is quite reasonable: $10.99 for a 20-ounce bag. Eat them as a snack or in salads, baked potatoes, casseroles.

8. Organic raw honey

Online price: $17.99

Another Kirkland favorite, Costco sells organic raw honey in sets of three 24-ounce jars fashioned like adorable, innocuous bears.

Regular users of this honey may attest that it is Grade-A and can thrill the taste receptors like other costlier, “straight-from- the- hive” items. Additionally, for $17.99 you are spending around $0.25 an ounce—less than Walmart ($0.40 an ounce) and Amazon ($0.56 an ounce).

9. Extra virgin Italian olive oil

Online price: $21.99

Among Kirkland Signature items, this is by far one the most often bought ones. When it comes to the oils we use in the kitchen, I’m really picky; none of Costco’s olive oils, including its Spanish or Organic Olive Oil, have let me down.

Though I appreciate the flavor of Costco’s olive oil more (like I said, I’m a snob), truthfully the price difference between this and Walmart’s Great Value olive oil isn’t significant ($0.325 per fluid ounce at Costco against $0.326).

10. Variety snack box

Price: $32.99

A package of 51 single-serving granola bars, trail mix, almonds, cashews, peanuts, and nut bars is around $33. Kids’ lunches and your own midday snacks would be ideal for this. although you regard nuts as one of your favorite foods, even although you would most likely die if you are allergic to them, the cost is absolutely well worth it.

All things considered, Costco has a number of excellent Kirkland Signature items, many of which can enable you to make personal financial planning easier. Check out these 10 items the next time you visit Costco to determine whether they fit on your own favorites list.

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